Lavender gift sets for her

Lavender gift sets for her

Every woman deserves a touch of luxury and relaxation. Enter the world of lavender gift sets tailored exclusively for her. Immerse her in the soothing embrace of lavender's calming fragrance with curated sets that include bath essentials, candles, and pampering treats. Elevate her self-care routine with these thoughtfully crafted gifts, designed to bring tranquility and a sense of indulgence to her everyday moments.

7 Lavender gift sets for her

Here are 7 lavender gift sets for her;

1. Fresh Lavender Fragrance Gift Box

Imagine this: soft sunlight paints the bedroom walls, and a delicate breeze carries the whisper of lavender fields through the window. This gift box captures that essence, a haven of aromatherapy nestled within. A handcrafted ceramic diffuser gently releases the calming scent of fresh lavender, while pure essential oil provides a touch of bespoke personalization. Let her create her own tranquil oasis, adding drops to the diffuser or indulging in a relaxing lavender bath. The box also includes a soothing lavender eye pillow, perfect for melting away stress after a long day. This is a gift of quiet moments, a reminder to inhale peace and exhale the worries of the world.

2. Spa Luxetique Gift Box Set

For the woman who craves an at-home spa experience, the Spa Luxetique Gift Box Set is her passport to pure indulgence. Picture her sinking into a bubble bath infused with the soothing scent of lavender bath salts, the soft foam caressing her skin as the aroma fills the air. Afterwards, she can pamper herself with a luxurious lavender body lotion, its rich formula leaving her skin silky and nourished. This opulent set also includes a lavender-scented candle, its flickering flame casting dancing shadows on the walls, and a gentle hand cream to keep the feeling of serenity lingering long after the spa day is over. This is a gift of pure luxury, a reminder that she deserves to be pampered like a queen.

3. Spa Luxetique Spa Gift Set 2, 12Pcs Lavender Bath Set

Sometimes, relaxation calls for a symphony of soothing sensations. This 12-piece bath set orchestrates a symphony of lavender-infused pampering. From aromatic bath salts and a foaming shower gel to a creamy body lotion and a nourishing hair mask, every step of her bath ritual is infused with the calming scent of this purple wonder. She can exfoliate with a gentle lavender sugar scrub, leaving her skin feeling refreshed and invigorated. And after her soak, she can wrap herself in the soft embrace of a lavender-scented bathrobe, its plush fabric enveloping her in warmth and comfort. This gift set is a reminder that self-care is a celebration, a chance to turn every routine into a mini-retreat.

4. Luxury Lavender Scent Spa Gift Basket

For the woman who appreciates the finer things, this exquisite gift basket is a treasure trove of luxurious lavender delights. Imagine her eyes sparkling as she unwraps the woven basket, revealing a collection of artisan-crafted treats. A hand-poured lavender candle, its flickering flame casting warm shadows on the walls, promises hours of tranquility. A decadent lavender body butter, whipped to a velvety texture, will leave her skin feeling like satin. And nestled amongst these treasures, she'll find a lavender-infused room spray, a single spritz instantly transforming any space into a peaceful haven. This gift basket is a love letter to her senses, a reminder that indulgence can be both beautiful and serene.


Becoming a mother is a gift in itself, but every mama deserves a moment to remember that she too is worthy of pampering. This unique gift set caters to the new mom's specific needs, offering a gentle haven amidst the whirlwind of newborn days. A lavender and chamomile-infused bath salt blend promises a soothing soak, while a lavender-scented hand balm offers much-needed relief for tired hands. For her little one, there's a muslin bunny soother and a food-grade silicone teething ring, both infused with the calming scent of lavender. And to remind her of the strength and beauty she embodies, a stunning amethyst-infused body oil awaits. This gift set is a celebration of motherhood, a reminder that self-care is essential for nurturing both mama and baby.

6. Scented Candles Gift Set, Soy Wax Candles of Lavender

Picture this: the flicker of candlelight dances on the ceiling, casting long shadows of relaxation across the room. This set of soy wax candles, infused with the calming scent of lavender, offers a symphony of flickering serenity. Each hand-poured candle boasts a unique blend of lavender essential oils, offering a range of experiences. One might whisper notes of sweet chamomile, while another dances with the citrusy zest of bergamot. Whether she craves a deeply tranquil experience or a touch of invigorating freshness, this set allows her to tailor her moment of peace to her mood. The clean-burning soy wax ensures a guilt-free indulgence, and the delicate glass jars are beautiful enough to repurpose once the candles have melted away. This is a gift of quiet joy, a reminder that serenity can be found in the simplest of rituals.

 7. The Lavender & Vanilla Duet Scented Candle Gift Set

 For the woman who loves a touch of sweetness with her serenity, this gift set offers a harmonious duet of lavender and vanilla. Picture four elegant soy wax candles, each hand-poured with care. Two candles sing the soft melody of pure lavender, while the other two introduce a whisper of vanilla's creamy comfort. Imagine her lighting one of each, creating a symphony of contrasting yet complementary scents. The lavender lulls her into a state of calm, while the vanilla adds a touch of warmth and comfort, like a sweet lullaby whispering goodnight. This set is a reminder that peace can be found in unexpected pairings, a gentle invitation to explore the unique landscape of her own relaxation.


Each of these gift sets is more than just a collection of lavender-infused goodies. They are tokens of love, expressions of appreciation for the incredible women in our lives. They are reminders that amidst the daily hustle, moments of tranquility and self-care are not just luxuries, but necessities. So, whether you choose the fragrant symphony of the Aromatherapy Oasis or the candlelit lullaby of the Lavender & Vanilla Duet, know that you are gifting more than just relaxation; you are gifting her a moment to breathe deep, unwind deep, and rediscover the serene goddess within.

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