Mother's Day Perfume Gift Sets

Mother's Day Perfume Gift Sets

This Mother's Day, embrace the language of love through the art of scent. Forget predictable flowers and chocolates; give Mom a gift that lingers on her skin, whispers in her dreams, and transports her senses on a fragrant journey. Explore our curated selection of perfume gift sets, each offering a unique olfactory adventure designed to celebrate the special woman in your life:

Mother's Day Perfume Gift Sets

Here are 7 Mother's Day perfume gift sets

1. Charrier Parfums Mini Masterpieces 

Imagine the elegance of Parisian perfume houses woven into a luxurious red box. Charrier Parfums, boasting a heritage since 1888, presents your mother with ten miniature bottles of their acclaimed Eaux de Parfum. Picture her discovering a universe of scents, each miniature a masterpiece waiting to be explored. From the sophisticated floral notes of "Fleur d'Amour" to the sparkling citrus whispers of "Matin Parisien," this set is a testament to timeless French perfumery and a gateway for Mom to find her new signature scent. This isn't just a gift; it's a passport to a world of olfactory sophistication, a Parisian whisper of elegance wrapped in a bow.

2. Miss So...? Playful Scentsations 

Does your mother embrace her playful side, her laughter lighting up the room like a vibrant burst of color? This Miss So...? gift set embodies her joyful spirit with four mini fragrances bursting with energy and fun. Picture her spritzing on "Starlet," its fruity notes reminiscent of a glamorous night out, then transitioning to the sweet energy of "Sugar Rush" for a daytime pick-me-up. The sensual whispers of "Sunset Sky" invite a romantic evening, while the mysterious allure of "Twilight Kiss" adds a touch of intrigue to her day. This isn't just a perfume set; it's a playful palette of emotions, a celebration of your mother's multifaceted spirit, and a fragrant invitation to embrace every mood with confidence and a smile.

3. Unique Grande

For the mother who appreciates the beauty of the world around her, this Unique Grande collection offers a vibrant olfactory symphony. Picture her enveloped in the warm, comforting embrace of "Cashmere Kiss," its powdery notes reminiscent of cozy evenings by the fireplace. Imagine her invigorated by the zesty citrus and floral harmony of "Tropical Escape," transporting her to sun-drenched beaches with every spritz. This set is a tapestry of scents, each one an ode to a different facet of femininity. Choose from four alluring options, from the delicate sweetness of "Vanilla Bean Dream" to the sensual whispers of "Black Orchid Kiss," ensuring a perfect match for your mother's unique personality. This isn't just a perfume set; it's a celebration of nature's bounty, a journey through diverse olfactory landscapes, and a reminder that your mother's beauty blossoms in every moment.

4. London Calling: Enchanting Escapes 

Does your mother dream of exploring glamorous streets and iconic landmarks? This London Collection gift set takes her on a fragrant tour of the city's vibrant spirit. Picture her strolling through cobblestone streets under the alluring musk of "Midnight Passion," its notes reminiscent of a seductive night in the city. Imagine her wrapped in the comforting sweetness of "Love Rush," capturing the energy of bustling Covent Garden with every step. This set is a whirlwind of emotions, each scent reflecting a different London borough. Choose from four captivating options, from the playful charm of "Pretty Woman" to the tropical paradise of "Paradise Bliss," ensuring a fragrant journey that awakens Mom's wanderlust and brings the city's magic to life.

5. Red Door Reimagined

For the mother who cherishes timeless elegance, Red Door, a fragrance icon, comes alive in a modern interpretation. This three-piece gift set, featuring the classic Eau de Toilette in a 50ml bottle, alongside a luxurious body lotion and shower gel, redefines sophistication with a touch of contemporary flair. Picture her enveloped in the familiar comfort of the floral bouquet, its notes of red rose, lily, and sandalwood weaving a timeless tapestry of scent. Imagine her skin pampered with the body lotion and shower gel, each application enriching her daily ritual with a touch of luxury. This isn't just a perfume set; it's a legacy rediscovered, a whisper of timeless elegance reborn for a new generation, and a tribute to the enduring beauty of your mother's spirit.

6. The Fragrance

 Intrigue your mother's senses with a fragrance shrouded in mystery. This aptly named "The Fragrance" set, like a book with an unread chapter, beckons her to unlock its olfactory secrets. Picture her fingers delicately unwrapping the sleek packaging, anticipation building with every layer revealed. Imagine her first spritz, a blend of cool elegance and unexpected warmth enveloping her, inviting her on a journey of olfactory discovery. This isn't just a perfume; it's an enigma waiting to be solved, a promise of adventure whispered on the skin, and a testament to your mother's captivating spirit that thrives on the intrigue of the unknown. Choose from the 50ml Eau de Parfum or a gift set that includes travel-sized versions and additional pampering products, ensuring your mother can unravel the mystery wherever she goes.

 7. Island Hopping with Escape

 Does your mother yearn for the serenity of tropical escapes and the warmth of sun-kissed beaches? This Escape gift set invites her on a fragrant island-hopping adventure with four mini fragrances evoking the spirit of paradise. Picture her skin kissed by the salty breeze of "Ibiza Dream," its citrus notes reminiscent of vibrant beach parties and endless sunshine. Imagine her enveloped in the sensual whispers of "Bali Breeze," its intoxicating blend of floral and woody notes transporting her to lush rice paddies and ancient temples. This set is a passport to paradise, each scent capturing the essence of a different island haven. Choose from "Mykonos Nights," with its alluring musky aroma reminiscent of starlit nights, or "Marbella Magic," infused with the vibrancy of seaside holidays and endless laughter. This isn't just a perfume set; it's a ticket to sun-drenched shores, a fragrant escape from everyday life, and a reminder that Mom deserves to feel pampered and carefree, even if just in her imagination.


This Mother's Day, transcend the ordinary and gift Mom a fragrant journey that speaks to her unique spirit. Whether it's the Parisian elegance of Charrier Parfums, the playful effervescence of Miss So...?, or the tropical escape offered by Escape, each set presents a symphony of scents waiting to be explored. Remember, a perfume is more than just a fragrance; it's a memory maker, a mood setter, and a whisper of love etched on the skin. So, choose wisely, let your gift become a conversation starter, a fragrant embrace that tells Mom just how much you care and celebrate the extraordinary woman she is.

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