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9Ct White Gold Diamond Pendant with Chain of 46Cm

9Ct White Gold Diamond Pendant with Chain of 46Cm

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History of Craftsmanship

Established in 1950, NAAVA is a family business, led by the third generation of diamond master crafters. We continue to create jewellery pieces that are distinctively rooted in tradition, with craftsmanship and excellence.

NAAVA produces only the finest certified diamond jewellery, hand-finished in the UK and thoroughly examined to ensure that all pieces meet our high quality standards.


NAAVA is a collection of delicately crafted fine diamond jewellery. Beauty, the essence of NAAVA, defines our creations and values.

We believe diamonds make any occasion truly special. At NAAVA, three generations' experience come together to create diamond jewellery that will be cherished by your loved ones for years to come.

Our collections are characterised by the finest materials:

  • Diamonds: The quality of our diamonds is assured by a certificate of authenticity. Our finest collections are GIA and EGL certified.
  • Metals: NAAVA’s creations are elegantly crafted in the highest quality platinum, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

Celebrate Love with NAAVA’s Diamond Ring Collections

NAAVA’s solitaire, eternity and cocktail diamond rings are elegantly crafted in platinum, yellow and white gold. Looking for an engagement ring to propose to a loved one, an eternity ring to symbolise your commitment, or would like to indulge and invest in a fashionable diamond ring, NAAVA has the perfect pieces to match any occasion. The NAAVA collection also contains high-end diamond ranges certified by the prestigious GIA and EGL institutions.

Stand Out with NAAVA’s Diamond Necklace Collections

NAAVA diamond necklace collections range from delicate diamond pendants, classic solitaire styles to stunning colliers and fashionable necklaces with a pave setting. NAAVA pendants will enhance your look with elegance and grandeur, adding a dash to sparkle to your outfit to take you through from day to evening.

Shine with NAAVA’s Diamond Earring Collections

NAAVA’s diamond earring collections include solitaire diamond studs, fashionable hoops and stunning diamond drop earrings. From everyday classics to dazzling evening pieces, the collections also include striking ruby, emerald and sapphire gemstone earrings, set with diamonds to add shine and grace.

Impress with NAAVA’s Diamond Bracelet Collections

NAAVA diamond bracelet styles include the classic tennis bracelets, glamorous bangles and chain bracelets with delicate charms and contemporary designs. There is a piece for every occasion or unique gifting moment from weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations to any special event with your loved ones.

The 4c's of Diamonds


Diamonds and gemstones are weighed in carats and points. One carat, 100 points, equals to 0.2 grams, approximately the average weight of a raindrop.

A diamond cutter will often remove the smallest amount of rough diamond possible, whilst maintaining a quality finish, in order to maximise carat weight.


Diamond colour is determined by how colourless the stones are. Experts compare diamonds to ‘master’ diamonds, falling within a white, colourless or a light yellow shade. The diamond is then colour-graded to a precise value, ranging from D – Z, with D being the most colourless and as a result most valuable stone.


Diamond cut describes the reflective qualities of a diamond and is the greatest influence on a diamond's sparkle. It is determined by how well the diamond was cut; a good cuts’ angles and finish will establish its ability to handle light, brilliance. If a stone is cut too shallow, light leaks out of the bottom, if it is cut too deep light escapes out of the side.

The cut is graded in five levels: Ideal, Excellent, Very Good, Good and Fair/Poor.


Diamond clarity is determined by the inclusions and blemishes. Gemmologists observe 5 clarity categories within a diamond, with imperfections determining the clarity grade a stone will fall into:

FL or IF - Flawless.

VVS - Very Very Slightly Included.

VS - Very Slightly Included.

SI - Slightly Included.

I - Included.


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