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Automatic Pet Feeder 6 Day Meal Automatic Food Dispenser Timed Food Bowl Music

Automatic Pet Feeder 6 Day Meal Automatic Food Dispenser Timed Food Bowl Music

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- Made of ABS, this pet automatic feeder is safe, non-toxic, and chemical-free, ideal as a food dispenser for dogs, cats, and small animals of all sizes.
- An easy-to-use digital timer lets you program meal times, and settings are automatically saved until you change them.
Automatic cat feeder has 6 food compartments will serve up to 6 meals a day. Set feeding times in 1-hour and 1-minute increments.The food tray and the base are linked by three horizontal snaps. Rotating the food tray clockwise can catch 2 parts, and rotating counterclockwise can separate 2 parts.
- Automatic pet feeder will help to establish healthy eating habits, control the size of each meal to prevent overeating.
Each food compartment can hold about 75g of dry food; For medium and large dog breeds, the feeding effect can be achieved by shortening the feeding interval appropriately. Do not directly contain liquids in the food compartment, such as water or milk.
There are 6 plates, each tray slot can hold 1 cup of food. Conveyor design to dispense most sizes of dry and semi-wet food.
-Removable lid and food tray are dishwasher safe and other parts can be wiped clean.
-Setting range: 1 minute to 24 hours. Time setting refers to the time setting of "feeding interval", not the time setting of a "specific time point" within a day. For example, if you set 8 hours (08:00), the lid of the product rotates every 8 hours and feeds the pet a meal.
-Music tips: There is a single calling reminder music in the product, which will automatically play when the lid is turned; The volume is not adjustable and there is no recording function.
Power supply: The product is driven by 3 x AA batteries (not included) and has a power display function; There is no battery in the product standard.
color: White
Material: ABS
Power supply: 3 AA batteries (not included)
Suitable for: cats and dogs(not suitable for large dogs)

Packing list:
1* Pet Automatic Feeder(battery not included)
1* Screwdriver

When do you need an automatic pet feeder?
1. When working or traveling (short-term), pets are not allowed;
2. Pets that are prone to obesity: such as cats/dogs (need to control the amount and time of feeding);
3. If it's a hungry or thirsty cat, it will wake you up in the morning (late night) and you don't want to get up to feed it.
4. If you have too many pets and you don't have enough time to feed them.
5. Bring more fun to your pet and enjoy technology life.

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