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Foot Massagers, Foot Massager with Heat, Feet Massager with Deep Kneading and Air Compression Massage,Remote Control (Black)

Foot Massagers, Foot Massager with Heat, Feet Massager with Deep Kneading and Air Compression Massage,Remote Control (Black)

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    🦶【Effortless Remote Control】Experience a hands-free foot massage with our remote-controlled foot massager, ideal for office workers, the elderly, athletes, and those who spend prolonged hours standing. Enjoy a relaxed foot massage without the need to bend, ensuring comfort for you and your family. Note: Align the remote control's indicator light with the heated foot massager to ensure proper functionality.

    🦶【Versatile Massage Options】Our electric foot massager offers 3 intensities of shiatsu massage and 3 air pressure levels, providing more choices than other products on the market. With a dedicated air pressure button and kneading function, tailor the massage intensity to your preference, starting with a gentle level for first-time use.

    🦶【Warmth and Timer Features】Experience gradual heating within five minutes, reaching up to 45 degrees Celsius. The shiatsu foot massager includes timer settings (15/20/30 minutes) for a customized massage duration. For an enhanced experience, consider adjusting your chair height when using it on a sofa or chair.

    🦶【Hygienic and Portable】Maintain cleanliness with the removable washable cloth in our lightweight foot massager. Easy to carry, this foot massager ensures a clean and healthy environment. When disassembling or assembling, follow simple step-by-step instructions along the fabric's edge.

    🦶【Perfect Gift Idea】Suitable for foot sizes 4-12 inches, the iKristin foot massager makes an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, or Mother’s Day. Note: Check foot size compatibility to avoid any discomfort. Place your feet in the massager before turning it on to ensure a seamless experience.

    【Temperature Customization】Enjoy a personalized foot massage with our foot massager's 3 temperature settings, catering to various temperature preferences. Choose the warmth that suits you best for an optimal massage experience.

    【Family-Friendly Design】Designed to accommodate foot sizes ranging from 4 to 12 inches, our foot massager is perfect for the whole family. Relieve fatigue and promote relaxation together with an all-encompassing foot massage experience.

    【Convenient Timing Options】With 3 timing settings (15min/20min/30min), our massager ensures you can customize your massage duration. Perfect for use at home or work, indulge in a soothing massage without worrying about exceeding the optimal time.

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