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Foot Massagers, Foot Massager with Heat, Feet Massager with Deep Kneading and Air Compression Massage, Remote Control (White)

Foot Massagers, Foot Massager with Heat, Feet Massager with Deep Kneading and Air Compression Massage, Remote Control (White)

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  • 🐾【Remote Control Easily Control】The foot massager has a remote control, which makes you not need to stoop. Shiatsu foot massager is very suitable for office staff/elderly/athletes /People who stand for a long time at work. Allowing you and your family to enjoy a relaxed foot massage.Tips: When you use the remote control, try to align the indicator light of the remote control vertically with the indicator light on the heated foot massager , avoid remote control not working.
  • 🐾【Multifunctional Massage Settings】The foot massager machine has with 3 intensities of the shiatsu foot massage and 3 intensities air pressure, Compared with other shiatsu foot massager on the market, iKristin electric foot massager have more choices. There is also a separate air pressure button and kneading foot massage function. The recommended minimum massage intensity for the first time to use the plantar fasciitis massager, then slowly adjust to find the intensity that suits you.
  • 🐾【Heating & Timer Function】The heated foot massager needs radually heated within five minutes. The temperature can reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. The timer setting function of the shiatsu foot massager can be selected in 15/20/30 minutes.The recommended time for the first use is 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Tips: If you use the feet massager on the sofa or chair, you may have some completely different sense of experience. Increasing the height of the chair may help to enhance your experience.
  • 🐾【Hygienic and Lightweight Foot Massager】Removable washable cloth in the electric foot massager helps keep a clean and healthy environment. The foot massagers is very light and easy to carry. Reminder: When disassembling the fabric, you only need to disassemble it step by step along the gap on the edge of the fabric. When installing, just patiently press the cloth into the gap along the edge of the feet massager machine.
  • 🐾【Great Gift Idea】 iKristin foot massager can accommodate people with a foot size of 4-12 inche, which fits most people. Ideal gift for your family and friends when one's birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Tips: If your foot size is relatively large, please buy it carefully to avoid the feet not put in the foot massagers. Please put your feet in before the electric foot massager is turned on, avoid the feet can't placed in the feet massager after foot massagers is turned on.

Product Description

3 Temperature Adjustable

Foot massager takes into account the difference in temperature needs of different groups of people, adopts 3 temperature adjustable designs and is different from other single temperature foot massagers, you can choose the suitable temperature according to your own preferences.

Meet Whole Family Needs

The feet massager can accommodate people with a foot size of 4-12 inches, which can meet the needs of the whole family and enjoy the joy of massage together. In addition, it helps to massage the feet in an all-round way to relieve fatigue and relax the body and mind.

3 Timing Settings

The massager has 3 timing settings, 15min/20min/30min for you to choose, you don't need to worry about the massage time being too long, you can enjoy a relaxing massage with just a simple setting, very suitable for use at work and at home.

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