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Magic Sequined Custom Gift Pillow

Magic Sequined Custom Gift Pillow

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Product information:
Product: Magic sequin pillow
Size: 40CMx40CM
Fabric: PET sequins, imported Korean velvet.
Pillow core: independent three-dimensional PP cotton inner core;

Si Specification:

Pillowcase size:  40x40cm front and back sequined pillowcase + pillow core

pillow cotton core size: 40*40CM

1. OnlyPillowcase back white: color sequins + fine plush, the back is pure white cloth; size 40x40cm

2. Only Pillowcase40x40cm: color sequins + fine plush printing, both sequins and fabrics can be printed; size 40x40cm

3. Only Pillowcase back sequin: color sequins + color sequins, both sides are sequins, both sides can be printed; size 40x40cm

Packing list: 

1x pillow

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